Company Profile

Message from the President

Keigo Yoshida Representative director

More and more people today are looking to recycle

As we struggle through unparalleled economic downturn, the purchasing power of consumers has declined dramatically. Our Jewelry Salon aids the local economy through "recycling" and serves to assist people in regaining their purchasing power.

"A little something towards so clothes I wanted to but..."
"My husband is in the hospital long-term and so we need to make some changes..."

We have come to hear similar words frequently during our communication with customers. And recently, it seems we have seen a particular increase in customers who feel "Locking away accessories I no longer use in a drawer seems like a waste."

代表取締役社長 吉田圭吾

However, the average recycling shop or pawn shop can be quite intimidating. When my wife first went looking for a recycling shop:
"They are dark and intimidating"
"I don't feel comfortable with male staff"
"What kind of person is doing the appraisal?"
"I do not want others seeing me going in"
She was very nervous and uncomfortable.

It was my desire to create a place for people like my wife, whose desire was outweighed by her concerns. I wanted to provide a shop that provided comfort and ease of mind. The Jewelry Salon is the culmination of that desire.

Believing that a smile can reinvigorate a local economy

By designing a wide entrance and using bright lighting, we eliminate the "intimidation" factor. We provide friendly service while also protecting the privacy of our customers. Even people once "had reservations" are now regular customers.

The truth is, many customers still feel intimidated by traditional recycling shops. It is our mission to change the perceptions of and be of service to such customers. We currently have 54 locations but look to expand to 100 locations within 3 years. By continuing with expansion and bringing more smiles to various communities, we believe we can contribute to the reinvigoration of local economies.

We will continue to take one step at a time toward helping our customers feel good about recycling and through those efforts help invigorate local economy.

Company Overview

Business name Rise, inc.
Sales 2.7 billion 60 million yen
President Keigo Yoshida / Representative director
Capital 9,000,000 yen
No. of employees 151 (As of January 2013)
Operations 1. Purchase and sale of jewelry, brand name goods, cash vouchers
2. Consulting services
Permit [Antiques Business]
Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission Permit No. 301080806924
Saitama Public Safety Commission Permit No. 431110024804
Hokkaido Public Safety Commission Permit No. 101040001332
Hyogo Public Safety Commission Permit No. 631131100021
Gunma Public Safety Commission Permit No. 421140068300
Chiba Public Safety Commission Permit No. 441440000333
Ibaraki Public Safety Commission Permit No. 401040001177
Aichi Public Safety Commission Permit No. 543951201500
Headquarters address BUREX Toranomon 13F
2-7-5 Toranomon Minato-ku Tokyo, 105-0004
Affiliate companies 03-6268-8613
FAX 03-6268-8614


>Rise, inc.
BUREX Toranomon 13F
2-7-5 Toranomon Minato-ku Tokyo, 105-0004


Merits of our Unique Storefront Design

Our jewelry salon group has expanded to include 60 stores (jewelry and apparel combined) primarily located in Eastern Japan. Since our flagship store opened in 2008, we have continue to expand by setting up in commercial facilities such as shopping malls and department stores.

An inviting atmosphere for women

The concept of our Jewelry Salon is the creation of a "cafe space". We emphasize wide entrances and comforting interior design to create a bright atmosphere that is easy for women to enter. The majority of weekday customers in shopping malls and department stores are women. Creating a storefront that is inviting to women works to help increase customers.

An easy-to-use service

The shop layout is based on individual transaction booths, which provide customers with privacy. Customers are free to relax during appraisals in our cafe booths. All drinks on the menu are free of charge. We also provide free cleaning performed using specialized cleaning equipment for your precious metals and other jewelry. Customers love being able to visit us during their regular shopping.

Increasing commercial facility value

What tenant leasing managers require most is merchandising compatibility. At our Jewelry Salon, pricing and sales format are based on accurate assessments of the trends, desires, and needs of the commercial facility's target customer to determine effective methods of attracting customers. We are able to contribute to increasing the value of a commercial facility because we evaluate effective ways of attracting customers and how we can increase customer satisfaction.

Conversion to cash creates "internal circulation"

After our Jewelry Salon makes a purchase, customers have cash in their hands. If that cash is used within the commercial facility, it creates a cycle of "buyback > cash > shop > buyback." Customer desire to shop increases when they have cash in hand, and this can benefit the entire facility.

Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct


At Rise, inc., we abide by the following corporate philosophy and code of conduct as we strive for "happier staff and the development of a field that can provide high added value to our customers."

Loving and enjoying their work while achieving growth and seeing increases in salary and bonuses by fulfilling a vital role. We believe that increasing this type of stuff will lead to greater customer satisfaction.

The idea of "happiness" varies between people but if you are going to work, we believe that we gain more from working in a job that requires responsibility and discretion and which pays high salary and bonuses. Half of the time we are awake is dedicated to work. A lack of fulfillment at work equates to a lack of fulfillment in life. As a company, we feel happiness most in knowing that our staff feel "joy in feeling personal growth" and "the endless sense of achievement gained from accomplishing goals."

"Added value" is the culmination of individual dedication by a group of professionals. The end result is profit. Anyone can simply sell things cheaply without adding anything unique. Working as a staff member in the pursuit of profitability for the company while constantly thinking of the customer and how we can provide services that satisfy our customers. We want each staff member to enjoy the process of improving the social value of the company and oneself.

Code of Conduct

We believe each action of each staff member is linked to increasing corporate value and our Code of Conduct is a shared reflection of this belief.

【Awareness of goals】

  • Do not be limited by a fixed perspective. Set goals high and then take responsibility and put forth effort until completion.

【Awareness of purpose】

  • Constantly consider and understand what you are doing and how what you are going is beneficial.

【Awareness of problems】

  • Consider whether or not your methods are optimal and improve immediately if problems arise.

The most important thing is the strong belief in the idea of "I will succeed no matter what" and be positive in your actions.